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Dem Bones Shall Rise Again
by Reynold Conger
Book 3 of the Richard Tracy Series

Richard is digging a trench along his fence line. Theodore, the dog next door, digs under the fence and tries to "help" Richard by digging in the trench. When Theodore digs up a human bone, the trouble begins for Richard. Richard eventually becomes a suspect in a murder case.

In the end, Theodore becomes the hero when he chases and catches the murderer.

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Gone Running and Gone
by Reynold Conger
Book 2 of the Richard Tracy Series

Mary Beth rents an apartment near where Richard lives. Together they plant a garden, and by mid spring they marry. Richard is a runner. His hobby is to run marathons. Mary Beth rides a bicycle for exercise so she becomes his support crew. She uses a mountain bike to reach places along the race course where she can cheer for him. Suddenly, he is gone.

Mary Beth must help the state police of two states find and rescue Richard.

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A Dangerous Bike Ride

by Reynold Conger
Book 1 of the Richard Tracy series

Richard Tracy finds the love of his life, Mary Beth Austin, during a charity bicycle ride. They ride together and promise to keep in contact with the hopes of eventual marriage, but the bike ride is attacked. A sudden explosion envelopes them. 

Richard must use his skills as a retired detective to find Mary Beth. Then he must use his skills as a former marine corps officer to rescue her. Her life is in danger, and so is his.

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Book 4

Biker MIke's Crochet Shop

A Story about Richard'a encounter with the man he sent to jail twenty years previously.

​​The Richard Tracy Series

by Reynold Conger

A series of novelas about Richard and Mary Beth

Meet Richard Tracy and Mary Beth Austin.

Richard Tracy is a retired detective. Mary Beth Austin a retired chef.

The novellas tell of their lives together, lives of love and danger.