Stoned for His Faith

by Reynold Conger

An American pastor writes a book teaching Christians how to witness to Muslims. An American mullah is angered and leads a party to find and stone the pastor.

Mean time, he has accepted a call to serve Native Americans in North Dakota. When the mullah's team stones the pastor, he prays for and witnesses to his attackers. The coward of the tribe gathers the courage to rescue the pastor. The Muslims are capture and jailed. His congregation, rather than seeking revenge, choose to forgive the attackers and minister to them and their families.

What would you do if your enemy attack attacked you physically?

If your husband were attacked, how would you respond when you find the family of an attacker in need?

A Story of action, danger, romance, faith and forgiveness.

Reynold Conger, ​Author, books

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Book Review of ​Stoned for His Faith 
Published by On Line Book club.

"Lastly, this fiction is intriguing, engaging, informative, and inspiring. In addition, it’s professionally edited and thus I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. The reviewer concluded, "With much pleasure, I recommend it for lovers of crime thrillers, Christians, and non-Christians."

​4 stars out of 4