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Reducing Medical Costs (At the Cost of Health)

by Reynold Conger

Reynold has written a short story that is the prequil for Reducing Medical Costs. . .  Now for free, you can download an e-book, We Should Have Expected this (Michael's Story) that tells you what Dr. Michael Conway saw leading up the the events that start Reducing Medical Costs. . . This short story can be downloaded at Reynold's author page on the Kellen Publishing website. ​Go to that Kellen page and click on the cover shown at the right of that page. to order yourfree download.

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Two apparently healthy family members die, and there are no medical explanations. As the Conway family grieves, they investigate. Most of the members of the Conway family are members of the healthcare profession. Two are doctors so they start digging and uncover a conspiracy of Medicare officials and secondary insurance companies. The conspirators have determined it would be very cost effective for expensive patients to die early. The conspirators make sure these expensive patients die very early (as in murder).

Unfortunately, the Conway family now knows too much. They are all at risk. The two patriarchs must flee 
from death threats and hide in the mountains in spite of the fact they have medical problems. Can these two men survive winter in the mountains or will what they know die with them?

Available as an e-book or a paperback.

The book can be purchased from Reynold's Bookstore or it can be reviewed and purchased at a dedicated web page on the Kellan Publishing website.