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Reynold holds a BA degree in organic chemistry and a MS degree in pulp and paper technology. He worked for 32 years as a scientist, engineer, manager and consultant in the paper industry. After a first retirement, he taught high school science and mathematics.

Now fully retired, he writes fiction as his retirement career. He also exercises, keeps bees, and gardens a large garden.

Reynold and his college sweetheart have been married for 50 years. They live in rural New Mexico. Their two children are grown and have their own careers.

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​​​​​Official Review: Stoned for His Faith by Reynold Conger
by Rosemary Wright »

[Following is an official review of "Stoned for His Faith" by Reynold Conger.]                      4 out of 4 stars

Stoned for His Faith by Reynold Conger is a fiction with a tale about Randy Koenig, a pastor and an author. Pastor Koenig just retired from being the minister of Good News Baptist Church in New Mexico. Recently, he released a book that unveils how a Christian can witness for Christ to a Muslim effectively. Due to his compassion toward people, he relocates to Wounded Buffalo Indian Reservation in North Dakota to ride the circuit in order to revive six Baptist churches in the area. Before now, the followers of Jesus Christ in the land were like sheep without a shepherd.

Meanwhile, in Minneapolis, Janet, a college student, has been reading Koenig’s book, and she is using the methods she got from the text to preach the Gospel to her friend, Amna, a Pakistani Muslim girl. Unfortunately, one day, Janet forgets the book in her friend’s car, and Amna’s father sees it, gets furious, and strikes her. With fear, Amna runs away from home. Her father reports the incident to a mullah, who considers the book as blasphemous and therefore employs an Islamic team consisting of a former intelligence officer to track down Koenig so that they can suppress the publication. Can Koenig elude this seeming righteous indignation of these overzealous men?

Written from a Christian perspective, this crime thriller is captivating and entertaining. The plot is simple, easy to read, and fast paced. As I started reading, I got caught up in the tale right off. The makeup gets a reader hypnotized and wondering how it will end. At one time, I thought I was reading a nonfiction because the author’s description of places and events seemed so real. The characters are well developed and relatable. Actually, they depict strength and courage. In a fascinating manner, Reynold provided enough details for each persona to balance the story. Pastor Koenig the focal character is calm, interesting, and has a very pleasant personality.

In a concise way, this work explains the nature of Christianity. Exploring the themes of the outcomes of faith, bravery, love, true and chaste friendships, it provides adequate lessons to keep someone on the right path all his life. Interestingly, it teaches how to see things from a moral perspective without being judgmental. A reader can easily grasp some simple and reliable methods to win more souls into the Christendom from it. Being a believer, this narration has strengthened my faith, and I have learned some new things that will be useful to me for the rest of my life. Surely, I’ll read it again. It's important for me to add that some non-believers may not like to read this narrative. Furthermore, this novel proves that God answers prayers and protects those who call upon Him. Likewise, it encourages the followers of Jesus Christ to learn to forgive and lend a helping hand to others even non-Christians.

Although the narrative comprises several characters, the author was able to connect them efficaciously. Really, the only challenge I faced was having to concentrate more at the beginning to ensure I followed every character accordingly. Frankly, I’ve not read a novel like this one for a long while. Unexpectedly, I let out a cheer when I was reading a scene exhibiting a rescue operation by some Sioux teenagers. It made me concur that “no Sioux is a coward.” That’s a slogan from the book. I’m delighted that Reynold based the story on the Native American culture and setting.

Lastly, this fiction is intriguing, engaging, informative, and inspiring. In addition, it’s professionally edited and thus I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. With much pleasure, I recommend it for lovers of crime thrillers, Christians, and non-Christians.

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How will you respond if your enemies attack you physically?

The Christian Thriller, Stoned for His Faith by Reynold Conger, has been released by Covenant Books, and it will be distributed by Ingram. It is available in most on-line book stores.

Stoned for His Faith is a contemporary thriller set in the United States. It is a tale of danger, action, courage, faith, love, and forgiveness. A book teaching Christians how to witness to Muslims is very successful, but the book's author, Pastor Randy Koenig angers US Muslims who seek to stone him.

The plot delves into Randy's response to his attackers, and also the response his congregation has to the attackers. There are also romantic subplots just because they make a good story more interesting.

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Reynold's Biographical Data in Summary

Name:  Reynold James Conger

Born:  5/19/1943   in Evanston, Illinois, USA

Parents: Reynold Campbell Conger

                Anne Elizabeth (Heck) Conger


     Calhoon Grade School

     Waukesha High School (Waukesha Wis.)

               Graduated 1961

     Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.)

               BA in organic chemistry 1965

     The Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wis.) 

               MS in pulp and paper technology 1967


       25 years working in the pulp and paper industry

                Scientist, engineer, manager

       6 years as a technical consultant

       8 years as a teacher (high school)

               Includes coaching track

Marriage: 1966 to Gay Gallagher

Children:  one daughter, one son.

Religion: Protestant Christian

       Follows an Evangelical religious life style

       Writes his books from a Christian point of view.





       Occasional consulting assignments.

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