Reynold's Biographical Data in Summary

Name:  Reynold James Conger

Born:  5/19/1943   in Evanston, Illinois, USA

Parents: Reynold Campbell Conger

                Anne Elizabeth (Heck) Conger


     Calhoon Grade School

     Waukesha High School (Waukesha Wis.)

               Graduated 1961

     Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.)

               BA in organic chemistry 1965

     The Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wis.) 

               MS in pulp and paper technology 1967


       25 years working in the pulp and paper industry

                Scientist, engineer, manager

       6 years as a technical consultant

       8 years as a teacher (high school)

               Includes coaching track

Marriage: 1966 to Gay Gallagher

Children:  one daughter, one son.

Religion: Protestant Christian

       Follows an Evangelical religious life style

       Writes his books from a Christian point of view.





       Occasional consulting assignments.

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 Biographical Note

Reynold holds a BA degree in organic chemistry and a MS degree in pulp and paper technology. He worked for 32 years as a scientist, engineer, manager and consultant in the paper industry. After a first retirement, he taught high school science and mathematics.

Now fully retired, he writes fiction as his retirement career. He also exercises, keeps bees, and gardens a large garden.

Reynold and his college sweetheart have been married for 50 years. They live in rural New Mexico. Their two children are grown and have their own careers.

Contact Information

Reynold Conger

Phone: (505) 861 1052 

Cell: ​(505) 966 6600



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505 861 1052

(cell) 505 966 6600

Rio Communities January 4, 2018

How will you respond if your enemies attack you physically?

The Christian Thriller, Stoned for His Faith by Reynold Conger, has been released by Covenant Books, and it will be distributed by Ingram. It is available in most on-line book stores.

Stoned for His Faith is a contemporary thriller set in the United States. It is a tale of danger, action, courage, faith, love, and forgiveness. A book teaching Christians how to witness to Muslims is very successful, but the book's author, Pastor Randy Koenig angers US Muslims who seek to stone him.

The plot delves into Randy's response to his attackers, and also the response his congregation has to the attackers. There are also romantic subplots just because they make a good story more interesting.

Information about Reynold Conger and his books can be found on his web site, The website has a bookstore associated with it. Books purchased through this on-line bookstore will be signed.

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