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My Knight in Shining Armor Still Available

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My Knight in Shining Armor​by Reynold Conger

My Knight in Shining Armor is still available through Reynold Conger's website

This book was published by Tate Publishing, but Tate Publishing is out of business. Nevertheless,

Reynold Conger has a stock of copies that he will sell at a special price of $15.50 each.

My Knight in Shining Armor is a romance set in the post Vietnam era. George is a classmate who Bonnie rejected in college. He was only a dull techie. Now ten years later, George has returned from war with an ear missing. By chance, George meets Bonnie when she gets a flat tire on the expressway. Because of the flat, both will be late to their appointments. It turns out she is a member of a town commission, and he is a professional engineer giving a pitch to sell his company's services.

Bonnie is not impressed by a man with one ear, but in the long run, George is a better man than any of the rich and handsome men who are pursuing her. Could George become her knight in shining armor?

All copies sold through the author's website are signed by the author.

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Reynold Conger wrote this novel as a tribute to his close college friend who died in Vietnam. Reynold hopes this book will keep George's memory alive in literature. Reynold has written three full length novels and three novellas. For information about them, see his web page,

Reynold is a retired scientist, engineer and school teacher. He is now fully retired and writes fiction as his retirement career. He also exercises keeps bees and gardens a large garden.

Reynold and his college sweetheart have been married for 50 years. They live in rural New Mexico. Their two children are grown and have their own careers.

Reynold's Biographical Data in Summary

Name:  Reynold James Conger

Born:  5/19/1943   in Evanston, Illinois, USA

Parents: Reynold Campbell Conger

                Anne Elizabeth (Heck) Conger


     Calhoon Grade School

     Waukesha High School (Waukesha Wis.)

               Graduated 1961

     Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.)

               BA in organic chemistry 1965

     The Institute of Paper Chemistry (Appleton, Wis.) 

               MS in pulp and paper technology 1967


       25 years working in the pulp and paper industry

                Scientist, engineer, manager

       6 years as a technical consultant

       8 years as a teacher (high school)

               Includes coaching track

Marriage: 1966 to Gay Gallagher

Children:  one daughter, one son.

Religion: Protestant Christian

       Follows an Evangelical religious life style

       Writes his books from a Christian point of view.





       Occasional consulting assignments.

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Contact Information

Reynold Conger

Phone: (505) 861 1052



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Note about Tate Publishing

My Knight in Shining Armor, was published by Tate Publishing. Tate publishing has gone out of business, but Reynold Conger retains all rights to the book.

At the moment, Reynold is looking into his options, but readers can order a paperback copy directly from him. He has a supply of copies available.

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