A Dangerous Bike Ride

Book 1 of the Richard Tracy series

Richard Tracy finds the love of his life, Mary Beth Austin, during a charity bicycle ride. They ride together and promise to keep in contact with the hopes of eventual marriage, but the bike ride is attacked. A sudden explosion envelopes them. 

Richard must use his skills as a retired detective to find Mary Beth. Then he must use his skills as a former marine corps officer to rescue her. Her life is in danger, and so is his.

This novella is available as an e-book on most internet book sellers.

 Reducing Medical Costs (At the Cost to Health)

Two apparently healthy family members die, and there are no medical explanations. As the Conway family grieves, they investigate. Most of the members of the Conway family are members of the healthcare profession. Two are doctors so they start digging and uncover a conspiracy of Medicare officials and secondary insurance companies. The conspirators have determined it would be very cost effective for expensive patients to die early.

Unfortunately, the Conway family now knows too much. They are all at risk. The two patriarchs must flee

from death threats and hide in the mountains. Can these two men survive in the mountains or will what

they know die with them?

Available as an e-book or a paperback.

The book can be reviewed and purchased at a dedicated web page or from the Kellan book store.

So far Reynold has published thrillers and romance. You may like his style of fiction. Use this page to learn more about books that Reynold has published. Also learn about other books written by members of the Conger family. 

This book, by my mother, is her account of Alzheimer's Disease in our family. My father, also named Reynold, was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease at a time when few people knew about the disease. My parents are shown on the book cover about 3 years before his death.

Betty Conger cared for her husband for 17 years until his death. The county nurse suggested she keep a diary. After my father's death, she didn't know what to do with all the spare time on her hands, so she turned the diary into an account of the 17 years of care-giving.

The book documents the tragedy and heartbreaking moments that occurred, but Betty Conger was also able to bring out the bittersweet moments and even those comical events that balanced off the suffering. The book is illustrated with pictures of the family that in part, document, the progress of the disease. The book also contains hints to caregivers. Some of these were passed on to Betty by the county  nurse or the wives of other patients.

Betty Conger was one of the pioneers in Alzheimer's care who helped found the Southern Wisconsin Alzheimer's Care group that is now a chapter of The Alzheimer's Association (ADARA).

​You Forgot, but I Still Love You, Reynold by Betty Conger

Love Unrecognized is a short story available as a "short read" e-book available on Amazon.com.

A cancer patient mourns the loss of her last lock of hair. Her only comfort now is a gift, a new book signed by her favorite author. She fancies him to be a man she once met, a man she could have fallen in love with had they both not been married at the time, a man she longs to see again.

A strange man knocks on her door. It is her favorite author looking for the woman who inspired his first book, but neither the author nor the patient look familiar to the other. 

But could it be? Might it be possible? Is this more heartache for both of them, or is there a way for love to conquer all?

​Available only from Amazon.com as a Kindle e-book

Love Unrecognized by Reynold Conger

My Knight in Shining Armor was written in memory of a college classmate who died in Vietnam. I have used fiction to bring him back from the war and to give him a chance to romance the woman who he loved.

This Vietnam era romance features a college girl who is looking for Mr. Perfect, perhaps a knight in shining armor. In spite of her beauty and charm she remains unmarried because she can not find the right man. By chance, she encounters a college friend who she rejected romantically. He has returned, wounded, from Vietnam. 

A friendship develops, but what chance does George have in winning Bonnie's heart when she is being romanced by a rich and handsome man? That depends on whether or not she ever learns of George's bravery.

Find out what happens between a beautiful woman and a man who is too shy to let anyone know what he did in Vietnam.  Will Bonnie ever find her white knight?

Available: paperback 

My Knight in Shining Armor by Reynold Conger

This thriller was inspired when we celebrated our 40th anniversary in Australia. The locations are real. We visited them and my photos illustrate the book, but the story is fictional.

Jack and Jill Higgins head to Australia to celebrate an anniversary, but enroute their laptop is tampered with. They don't know what has been added to the hard drive, but the terrorists want those important files back.

Jack and Jill are chased across Australia with burglaries, stalking, attempted seduction and a high speed car chase (on the wrong side of the road from Jack's perspective).

This book is not a Christian book per se, but a the terrorists chase Jack and Jill, they are witnessed to by Christians they encounter. A reader of this book will be exposed to the Christian gospel. Consider giving it as a gift to your unchurched friend.

In Australia,

      some Animals are cute and cuddly, others are dangerous, but none so dangerous as theterrorist chasing you.

Chased Across Australia ​by Reynold Conger

Books by Reynold and Other Members of the Family

Reynold Conger, ​Author, books

Dem Bones Shall Rise Again

Book 3 of the Richard Tracy Series

Richard is digging a trench along his fence line. Theodore, the dog next door, digs under the fence and tries to "help" Richard by digging in the trench. When Theodore digs up a human bone, the trouble begins for Richard. He eventually becomes a suspect in a murder case.

In the end, Theodore becomes the hero when he chases and catches the murder.

For sale at most on line book stores.

Gone Running and Gone

Book 2 of the Richard Tracy Series

Mary Beth rents an apartment near where Richard lives. Together they plant a garden, and by mid spring they marry. Richard is a runner. His hobby is to run marathons. Mary Beth is his support crew. She uses a mountain bike to reach places along the race course where she can cheer for him. Suddenly, he is gone.

Mary Beth must help the state police of two states find and rescue Richard.

At the moment, this book is available only through Amazon.com.

​Play the trailer.

This book is recommended to those who have a friend or relative with Alzheimer's Disease. It introduces the reader to the challenges of caring for an AD patient. It also gives practical advice on how to care for the patient more effectively and more efficiently.

I still have a few copies of this book in stock.

Available only in paperback. If the on-line book sellers are out, buy from me.I have copies.

Stoned For His Faithby Reynold Conger 

A Christian thrillerDanger, Courage, Faith, and Forgiveness.

An American pastor offends American Muslims with his book. A mullah orders his men to find and execute Pastor Randy Koenig. The community's coward witnesses the stoning and intervenes. 

How do you think the pastor responds to this threat on his life?

How do you think members of his congregation respond?