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My Knight in Shining Armor 

by Reynold Conger

A post Vietnam era romance

My Knight in Shining Armor was written in memory of a college classmate who died in Vietnam. I have used fiction to bring him back from the war and to give him a chance to romance the woman who he loved.

This Vietnam era romance features a college girl who is looking for Mr. Perfect, perhaps a knight in shining armor. In spite of her beauty and charm she remains unmarried because she can not find the right man. By chance, she encounters a college friend who she previously had rejected romantically. He has returned from Vietnam missing an ear. 

In spite of the missing ear, a friendship develops, but what chance does George have in winning Bonnie's heart when she is being romanced by rich and handsome men? That depends on whether or not she ever learns of George's bravery.

Find out what happens between a beautiful woman and a man who is too shy to let anyone know how he heroically saved a man's life in Vietnam.  Will Bonnie ever find her white knight?

Available: paperback 

Inspiration for the Book

George Stivers was a college classmate of my wife and I. He was a close friend of ours. He graduated with a B. S. degree in Civil Engineering at the same time my wife and I graduated. Because he was threatened with the draft, he accepted a direct commission in the Oklahoma National Guard. He served in Vietnam.

A year and a half later, we were shocked to read that 2nd Lt. George Stivers had been killed in Vietnam.

Years later, when I began writing fiction, I wrote My Knight in Shining Armor as a memorial to George. Through fiction, I brought George back to life and made him a survivor of the war. I also gave him a career in his chosen profession and the opportunity to romance the woman he loved.