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Reynold Conger, ​Author, books

An Excerpt from Reynold's next book, Stoned for His Faith.

Release date before January 2018

“Pastor, you deserve retirement, but we sure will miss you,” said the church member, turning to Randy.

Randy laughed. “I'll still be in town and around the church, but I will be doing my best to stay out of Tom Baca's way.”

“Any plans for your retirement?” asked Slim.

The church member said, “He's a best selling-author in the making. Hasn't he told you he has written a book? By the way, how is your book selling?”

Randy frowned. “It is too early to say. It was only released three months ago. The title is Take the Truth to Mecca .”

“Interesting title. What is the theme?”

“The first part of the book will analyze the basics of Islam. The second part will discuss the Christian message that needs to be conveyed to Muslims. The third part will teach the reader to get that message out to Muslims.”

Slim said, “I have to read it.”

"I'll give you a signed copy before you leave.

“I hope it doesn't get released in Saudi Arabia. Someone there will want you dead,” said the church member.

“They'll have to read it first. Perhaps it will sow some seeds in the minds of unbelievers,” said Randy with a laugh.