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What are Richard and Mary Beth up to?

I have already published three novellas in the Richard Tracy Series. Should I write another?

In case you do not know, Richard Tracy is a retired detective who in book 1 hooked up with Mary Beth Austin, a retired chef. You would think a couple of senior citizens would be just relaxing and staying out of trouble, but they just left for week of hiking in the mountains near Taos, New Mexico. When they get to Taos, they are likely to be told about an exciting new crochet shop in town run by a hunk of a man, all muscle. His name is Biker Mike. Perhaps part of the success of Biker Mike's Crochet Shop is because many of the single women in town enjoy being in the company of this strong but gentle man who gives crochet lessons and stocks everything needed to crochet.

By coincidence, Richard once arrested a man with the nick name, Biker Mike. Could the once fearsome Biker Mike be the strong but gentle proprietor who runs Biker Mike's Crochet Shop and gives crochet lessons? If so, what might happen if Biker Mike meets Richard?

The novella, Biker Mike's Crochet Shop, is expected to be released as an e-book in the Richard Tracy Series. Projected release May or June of 2018.

 *   *   *

     The mullah pushed the men searching for Randal Koenig. He ordered his assistant to recruit more manpower and to have them work around the clock on three shifts.

     Randal Koenig remained as elusive as ever. . . .

     Each time a worker found an announcement or remark about theimpending publication of Randal Koenig's second book, the mullah would rant, "He must be stopped. Perhaps if we capture him, we can get him to stop the publication. . . . If nothing else, we must kill him to keep his message from spreading."


*   *   *

     The mullah spat on the ground. "Bah, no one comes out of the grave."

     "Jesus did. With God, nothing is impossible."

     "I did not come to debate you. I am obliged to give you an opportunity to repent and embracfe Islam, but you do not seem to be inclined to do so."

     "There is nothing to repent of. Jesus is my Lord and Savior. It is he I serve, and I will continue to serve him. He is in charge of my life, regardless of what you threaten. Lord Jesus, protect my six little flocks and send someone to care for them. Amen."

     Two of he men had been digging a hole. The mullah pointed to the hole. "He has condemned himself and remains unrepentant."

     Randy continued alternately to pray for his attackers and to witness to them.

Two Excerpts from Reynold's next book, Stoned for His Faith.

 Release date about December 19, 2017

“Pastor, you deserve retirement, but we sure will miss you,” said the church member, turning to Randy.

Randy laughed. “I'll still be in town and around the church, but I will be doing my best to stay out of Tom Baca's way.”

“Any plans for your retirement?” asked Slim.

The church member said, “He's a best selling-author in the making. Hasn't he told you he has written a book? By the way, how is your book selling?”

Randy frowned. “It is too early to say. It was only released three months ago. The title is Take the Truth to Mecca .”

“Interesting title. What is the theme?”

“The first part of the book will analyze the basics of Islam. The second part will discuss the Christian message that needs to be conveyed to Muslims. The third part will teach the reader to get that message out to Muslims.”

Slim said, “I have to read it.”

"I'll give you a signed copy before you leave.

“I hope it doesn't get released in Saudi Arabia. Someone there will want you dead,” said the church member.

“They'll have to read it first. Perhaps it will sow some seeds in the minds of unbelievers,” said Randy with a laugh.