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New Medical Thriller

Ilicit Harvest

A billionaire needs a new heart, but his raire blood type makes a match difficult. Unfortunately money can not buy him a new heart.

OR CAN IT? When the billionaire lays a check on the doctors desk as a retainer for a new heart, a chain of events is set in motion. A criminal group is in the business of finding and supplying body parts for a price.

The hero of the story is Dr. Michael Conway who was a supporting character in my earlier medical thriller, Reducing Medical Costs (At the Cost of Health). Mike is an ethical cardiologist. When suspicions rise, Mike had better be careful. Someone may think he knows too much.

This book is in the early stages of writing the rough draft.


​News About Future Books

What are Richard and Mary Beth up to?

I have already published three novellas in the Richard Tracy Series. Should I write another?

In case you do not know, Richard Tracy is a retired detective who in book 1 hooked up with Mary Beth Austin, a retired chef. You would think a couple of senior citizens would be just relaxing and staying out of trouble, but they just left for week of hiking in the mountains near Taos, New Mexico. When they get to Taos, they are likely to be told about an exciting new crochet shop in town run by a hunk of a man, all muscle. His name is Biker Mike. Perhaps part of the success of Biker Mike's Crochet Shop is because many of the single women in town enjoy being in the company of this strong but gentle man who gives crochet lessons and stocks everything needed to crochet.

By coincidence when Richard was a detective, he once arrested a man with the nickname, Biker Mike. Could the once fearsome Biker Mike be the strong but gentle proprietor who runs Biker Mike's Crochet Shop and gives crochet lessons? If so, what might happen if Biker Mike meets Richard?

The novella, Biker Mike's Crochet Shop, is being proofread and edited. It is expected to be released as an e-book in the Richard Tracy Series for release in May or June of 2018.