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The author, Reynold Conger, would love to hear from you. How do you like his stories? Do you have an idea that might make the next thriller? You may simply want to know how to buy his latest books. The form below gives you a way of contacting him. If it is appropriate material for me to post on the Fan Mail page, I will contact you requesting permission. With your permission I will put an excerpt on the Fan Mail page using only your first name.

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 Reynold signs all books that he sells on his website.


Under New Mexico Law, the City of Rio Communities collects a Gross Receipts Tax of 7.4375% on all sales in the city (including your purchase from me). Rather than going through the bother of collecting the tax separately, I have included the tax in the prices I charge. (I pay on my total sales.)

 Reynold Conger

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Rio Communities, NM 87002 USA

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