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Some Animals in Australia are cute and cuddly, others are dangerous. but none so dangerous as theTERRORIST CHASING YOU.

The Story behind Chased Across Australia

This book was inspired by a trip to Australia. Reynold and his wife celebrated their 40th anniversary by spending a month in Australia. During this visit, Reynold was inspired to write the book, and they spent the rest of the month collecting input such as the Australian Dialect.

The moment of inspiration was when they drove from Cains to Port Douglas on the Captain Cook Highway, a seaside highway along the cliff. Of course Reynold was driving on the wrong side of the road (from his perspective). They returned at night on a freshly repaved road with no markings. "Cars kept coming at me out of the dark and then flashing past on my right," Reynold recalls. "I commented I was glad that we were not in a high speed chase, and the plot was born."

In the book, Jack and Jill Higgins, the hero and heroine, visit the same locations as Reynold and his wife did, and stayed in the same places. Of course they took pictures, seven of which were used to illustrate the novel. Fortunately Reynold and his wife were not chased by terrorists.

Jack and Jill Higgins head to Australia to celebrate an anniversary, but enroute their laptop is tampered with. They don't know that anything has been added to the hard drive, but the terrorists want those important files back.

Jack and Jill are chased across Australia with burglaries, stalking, attempted seduction and a high speed car chase (on the wrong side of the road from Jack's perspective).

This book is not a Christian book per se, but as the terrorists chase Jack and Jill, they are witnessed to by Christians they encounter. A reader of this book will be exposed to the Christian gospel. Consider giving it as a gift to your unchurched friend. 


Chased Across Australia

by Reynold Conger