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​People tell me that my picture looks look younger than my age. Perhaps I am not old, just mature. To give you a hint of my age, I was born the year the USA issued "steel pennies". My father was in World War II. In fact, he come home from the hospital after my birth to find his draft notice in the mail box. My preacher grandfather and born-again parents schooled me in Christianity. I have a high regard for ethics and morality.

Stoned for His Faith, has been released. 

Slim Antelope is a major supporting character. I modeled him after a friend of mine who is a very good evangelist.

Personal Notes

Reynold and His wife Celebrated their 51st anniversary on 10/9/17.

The pictures that illustrate Chased Across Australia were taken by Reynold.

Reynold also serves as a consultant to the paper industry. This has taken him around the world.

Book 3 of the Richard Tracy Series, Dem Bones Will Rise Again, ​is now on the market as an e-book​.

A guest character is a dog. My inspiration comes from Theodore, the dog next door.

Get to know Reynold Conger an author of exciting fiction written with a Christian world view.​

Most of my characters are composites of people I know. Occasionally a character will become almost a pure imitation of life, but that is rare.

I start with a real person I know. Then I modify the personality by blending in personality properties of other people to create the character I need for the story. My friends and neighbors appear in my writing. My classmates make good material. Occasionally you will find me and members of my family in my books. In most cases, I try to change the name so that I do not run the risk of embarrassing the person I used as a model even though the model is usually significantly changed from blending in other personalities.

My apologies to those who think I have exposed them in one of my books. If I did expose you, I meant no malice. On the other hand, my acquaintances are warned, Beware, you may become a character in my next novel.

If you do not find yourself in one of my books, you can ask me to model a character after you, but  you may have to bribe me. A banana split will do.

Where Do Reynold's Characters Come from?

Like all writers, I use my imagination, but I draw much of my material from life experiences.

Unlike many writers, I do not believe that blood and guts, raw sex or profanity are necessary to write a good story. Violence need not be written blow by blow, but rather it is better to stimulate a mental image and turn the scene lose in the reader's imagination. 

Rather than describe each caress and each sensation in a sex scene, I believe, again, that the best sex scenes are in the reader's imagination. My job is to stimulate that imagination.

Profanity tends to detract from rather than add to a story, and authors must recognize some readers are offended by the more vulgar expletives. When a plot calls for a character to use profanity, I might simply comment, "He swore," or in dialogue, I might use a mild profanity to replace a stronger word. All the reader needs to know is that the character was using profanity. In fiction, the reader does not necessarily need the exact wording. 

Reynold's Writing Philosophy

I was an athlete in high school. I swam, ran cross country and ran track. I was not spectacular, but I earned letters in cross country and swimming. I usually placed second or third  behind teammates who were champions. I played a minor part in helping Waukesha High School in winning 3 state championships and 1 second place at the Wisconsin State Swimming meet.  Athletic training and athletic competition were major factors molding my life. I have had the opportunity to do some coaching. I have always encouraged young people to get involved in athletics. While they may not win trophies, they will retain habits and values that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

Though I did not serve in the military, I am part of the Vietnam generation. Many of my friends fought in Vietnam. A high school classmate is missing in action, and my close college friend, 2nd Lt. George Stivers, was killed in action. I wrote My Knight in Shining Armor in his honor. That book is a romance in which I gave George a life in literature and allowed him to follow his chosen career and romance the girl of his dreams. 

Grandpa wanted me to study medicine, but instead, I earned a BA in organic chemistry from Northwestern University. Then I earned a MS in pulp and paper technology from The Institute of Paper Chemistry. I had a 30 year career in the pulp and paper industry. Because of the multidisciplinary nature of my education, I served as a research scientist, a product development specialist, an environmental engineer, a technical supervisor and a technical consultant. Following that, he taught high school for 8 years teaching both science and math classes. One year he coached track.

I have always been a storyteller, and consulting took me around the world. In order to entertain myself on long overseas business trips, I wrote fiction.  It was a hobby for years, but since his full retirement, writing has become myretirement career.

I have been a born-again Christian since I was 14.  God blessed me by allowing me to fall in love with a Christian woman  who has been my wife since 1966. As we moved about the country, we served as Sunday school teachers and lay leaders in several churches. Currently I am song leader at my church and the teacher of the adult Sunday School class.

We live in rural New Mexico where we garden and keep bees. We also like to hike and camp. My wife walks for exercise. I run. Our adult children have Careers of their own.

I would love to get comments and questions from you. You may send them to me using the contact Reynold page. If your comment or question is of general interest, I may post is on the fan mail page of this site.

Information about Reynold Conger, author of books written from a Christian perspective.

I am Reynold Conger, a retired scientist and retired school teacher who now writes as a retirement hobby. While most of my work is not overtly Christian, I am an author who writes books from a Christian perspective. I strive to have Christian characters who pray, witness, and go to church on Sunday. Stoned for His faith is the first of my books to be specifically a work of Christian fiction.