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Detective Stories

Retired Detective Richard Tracy is the hero of a series of detective stories available only as e-books.

A Book Review of Chased Across Australia

​By Pacific Book Review

My Most Recent Book

Stoned for His Faith ​is my new Christian Thriller  What do you do when your enemy attacks you?

Can you forgive your enemy?

 Autographed        Price from me: $18.00

Work in Progress

I am working on the final chapter of Illicit Harvest. By the end of the month the rough draft will be complete, Then it will be revise, revise, revise.     


September 27    Rare late September Bee Swarm

Read about this unusual occurrence. An article and picture have been posted on the Bee page.

I Have Copies of My Knight in Shining Armor.

Tate Publishing, the publisher of My Knight in Shining Armor has gone out of business, but the book is still available. Barnes and Nobel no longer lists the book, and Amazon says they only have one copy left, but ​I have copies I can sell to you.


Book Review of ​Stoned for His Faith 

Published by On Line Book club.

"Lastly, this fiction is intriguing, engaging, informative, and inspiring. In addition, it’s professionally edited and thus I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. The reviewer concluded, "With much pleasure, I recommend it for lovers of crime thrillers, Christians, and non-Christians."

4 star out of 4

​The e-books of The Richard Tracy Series​
          A Dangerous Bike Ride

          Gone Running and Gone
​          Dem Bones Shall Rise Again

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Chased Across Australia

My Knight in Shining Armor

Love Unrecognized

A Dangerous Bike Ride

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Stoned for His Faith 

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