Book 3 is Out

Dem Bones Shall Rise Again

Book 3 of the Richard Tracy series is on the market as an e-book. The newly married Richard and Mary Beth Tracy (nee Austin) have settled into Richard's home and are busy harvesting the garden they grew.

You have watched them in love and in danger. Especially now that they are happily married, they would love nothing better than to live out their retirements quietly, but trouble stalks them.

In this book, Theodore, the dog next door, digs under the fence and digs up a human bone. This is the beginning of all kinds of trouble for Richard.

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               The Richard Tracy Series

                           by Reynold Conger

You would think a retired detective and a retired chef would be able to lead quiet retirement lives, but somehow they keep getting into trouble.

All Books published as e-books

Book 1 A Dangerous Bike Ride

Richard meets Mary Beth on a charity bike ride. Romance is in the air, but as they end the bike ride, there is an explosion. Richard wakes in the hospital, but Mary Beth had disappeared. Richard must risk his life to find and rescue the woman he loves.

Book 2  Gone Running and Gone

Richard runs a marathon with Mary Beth cheering and providing support. Mid race, Richard disappears. Mary Beth must find and rescue him even when his captors change his appearance.

Book 3  Dem Bones Will Rise Again

The dog next door digs up human bones in Richard's yard. This causes no end of troubles for Richard. He is charged with murder, but the dog, Theodore, rises to the occasion to save Richard from prison.

As a book writer, Reynold Conger displays his books and short stories on this web site. He also includes works of other Conger family members

Reynold Conger - Book Writer

Reynold has written a short story that is the prequil for Reducing Medical Costs. . .  Now for free, you can download an e-book, We Should Have Expected this (Michael's Story) that tells you what Dr. Michael Conway saw leading up the the events that start Reducing Medical Costs. . .  This short story can be downloaded at Reynold's author page on the Kellen Publishing website​Go to this page and click on the cover shown at the right.

Reducing Medical Costs (At the Cost of Health)

by Reynold Conger

(Kellan Publishing maintains author pages on its web site. Learn more about Reynold and his book by going to Reynold's Author page.)

Traditionally, healthcare decissions were made by the patient, and his or her doctor. With the advent of Obamacare, more and more decisions about treatment are being made for you by the government. This novel points out the dangers we face when a government agency what treatments you are qualified to receive.

To make the story more exciting, I added one more dimension. In the story, Medicare is running out of money. This agency must find a way to cut costs, especially on those patients who need expensive treatments. Mercy killing is out, but what if. . .

All but one member of the Conway family are engaged in one or another medical art. Now the entire family finds itself in danger. They know too much about plots to limit health care costs by making sure high cost patients die early. They have evidence that two members of the family have died at the hands of medical murders.

Thugs have been following them and threatening their lives. Now two of the patriarchs are hiding in the mountains. Can they survive both the thugs and winter in the mountains, or will the information they have be lost if they die?

More obout this book is on a page in dedicated to this book.

What's New?

Books are your best entertainment. Welcome to Reynold Conger's website showcasing fiction and nonfiction written by Reynold Conger and other family members. It is exciting literature, but written from a Christian world view. Buy Reynold's books on line.

Reynold Conger, ​Author, books


Book 2 of the Richard Tracy Series is Gone Running and Gone
Book 2 of the series, Gone Running and Gone, is now available as an e-book on

​Richard is running a marathon with Mary Beth cheering him on. She cheers for him and then uses a mountain bike to move a few miles up the course where she can cheer for him again. Then he disappears.

Now Mary Beth must find and rescue Richard. This book promises to be just as entertaining as book 1.


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Obamacare May Be Replaced

President Trump has promised to replace Obamacare, but that will not solve the problem.

In addition to Obamacare (or its replacement), we have Medicare and Medicaid. All three are bureaucracies that tell your doctor how to run his or her practice. All threaten our health. For a worse case example, read: 

Reducing Medical Costs (At the Cost of Health)

This book is a thriller of what could happen if the bureaucrats get out of control.


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Reducing Medical Costs ​(At the Cost of Health)

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​Reynold's Next Novel is In Production

Covenant Press,  is preparing Reynold's next novel, Stoned for His Faith. It has just passed the editing phase and is now in typesetting. The term typesetting is archaic in this digital age. Physical type is not being set in a frame. What it means is that the book designers are busy choosing fonts, installing formats and making sure the words are on the pages in a presentable and easy to read form. Projected release date is January of 2018. I will keep you up to date on progress.

Stoned for His Faith, is a Christian novel about an American pastor who writes a book instructing Christians how to witness to Muslims. Mullahs are angered by the book. They seek justice as required by sharia.

Read how Pastor Randy Koenig responds to this threat to his life.

The Works of Reynold Conger

Chased Across Australia

My Knight in Shining Armor

Love Unrecognized

A Dangerous Bike Ride

​Reducing Medical Costs

We Should have Expected This ​ Free

The e-books of The Richard Tracy Series

I Have Copies of My Knight in Shining Armor.

Tate Publishing, the publisher of My Knight in Shining Armor has gone out of business, but the book is still available. Barnes and Nobel no longer lists the book, and Amazon says they only have one copy left, but ​I have copies I can sell to you.

This book is a post Vietnam era romance in memory of a classmate who should have won the hand of the heroine of this book if only he had survived the war. Heroism, Love, Romance.

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